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Defensive Driving

Driving Safety Courses

If you are charged with a traffic offense under the Subtitle C, you may ask the Court, on or before the appearance date to take a driving safety course. If you were operating a motorcycle and request to take a driving safety course, you must take a motorcycle operator's training course. Request for a Safety Driving course must be made prior to signing or taking a course. At the time of the request, you must do the following:

Prosecution of the traffic offense will be postponed for 90 days to allow you time to complete the course.  You are required to attend or do online a driving safety course that has been approved by the Texas Education Agency or a motorcycle operator's course approved by the Department of Public Safety.

You are eligible to request this course if you:

Have not taken a driving safety course within the 12 months preceding the date of the offense;

Prior to the end of the 90-day period, you must present the signed original Course Completion Certificate and a copy of your Driving Record.