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ECPD Compliment or Complaint

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            The El Campo Police Department (ECPD) is committed to providing professional and courteous service to all persons we encounter.  We perform policing duties and also dispatch for Police, EMS, and Fire.  Many of our encounters deal with stressful situations for both the ECPD employees and the people we are striving to serve.  We understand that there will be times that you are pleased with the service provided and unfortunately there will also be times where you are not pleased.

Please use this link to email the compliment (give enough details so that we can determine why you had contact with the ECPD employee, the employee’s name, and why you were pleased with the service provided):  Chief of Police David Marcaurele

Please download the ECPD Complaint Form Fill out the form, sign it, and you can return it to the ECPD in person at the ECPD Office or scan and return it via email to:
 Chief of Police David Marcaurele

The address of the ECPD Office is 1011 West Loop  El Campo, TX 77437.  You may also call the ECPD at 979.543.5311 and ask to speak to an on duty Supervisor to discuss any concerns you have.  Remember that if you need emergency assistance call 911. 

Thank you and if you have problems that are not being addressed you may also reach out to me,
David Marcaurele, Chief of Police         979.543.5311

Legal Notices:

     This webpage fulfills requirements of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.132(b)(4) - any complaint or compliment may be made on any topic including but not limited to each ticket/citation or warning issued by peace officers of the ECPD.
     While we will investigate any allegation, Texas State Law requires that  prior to any disciplinary action being implemented against a peace officer a written document describing the alleged misconduct, signed by the person(s) making the allegation(s) shall be delivered to the peace officer. (Texas Government Code Chapter 614)