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The Department accepts employment applications for the positions of Patrol Officer and Telecommunicator on a continuous basis.  ECPD selects only high-quality individuals to become El Campo Police Officers.  By being selective, we continue to build a high-quality department for the citizens of El Campo.   

The El Campo Police Department offers a competitive salary and benefits.  

To complete an ECPD Employment Application, please click here to download.  Applications must be notarized and turned into the El Campo Police Department in-person or by mail.  If mailing, please address as follows:

El Campo Police Department
ATTN:  Chief David Marcaurele
1011 West Loop
El Campo, TX 77437


The minimum qualifications that all applicants for the position of police officer must meet include the following:  

1.  Age of 21.
2.  High school graduate or GED.
3.  Pass an oral interview.
4.  Pass a background investigation which includes the following:
     a. Personal and family history;
     b. Credit history, including current creditors;
     c. Education, including all schools attended and degrees or certificates obtaind;
     d. All residences for the past ten years;
     e. Comprehensive employment history;
     f.  A fingerprint-based criminal history search, including all arrests, locations, dates, and dispositions;
     g. Traffic summonses and accidents, and
     h. An inquiry of family, friends, and associates as to character and reputation.
5.  Pass a physical examination, psychological screening, and drug test.
6.  Be of good moral character.
7.  Any other standards set by law or by policy of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.


The following are absolute disqualifiers for employment as a sworn officer:

1. Conviction or admission of any felony.
2. Conviction of any Class A.
3. Conviction of any Class B misdemeanor in the past 10 years.
4. Conviction or admission of any illegal drug use within the past 5 years, or use of marijuana within the past two years.
5. Conviction of family violence within the past 10 years.
6. Dishonorable discharge from the military.

For additional information concerning employment with ECPD, please contact Chief Marcaurele at