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Paramedic (Part-time)

Job Code: 
Job Department: 
Emergency Medical Services 
Job Division: 
Public Safety
Reports to: 
Assistant EMS Director
Job Location: 
El Campo
FLSA Status: 
Essential Personnel: 
Employment Type: 
Safety Sensitive: 
Pay Range: 
$18.00 Paramedic - $20.00 In-Charge Paramedic (normally within 6 months of hire)

Employer Information
A full range of municipal services is provided by the City including public safety (police, fire protection and emergency medical services); water and wastewater services; public improvements; repair and maintenance of infrastructure; recreational and community activities; planning and zoning; and general administrative services. The City has a home-rule Council-Manager form of government. The elected body is made up of a mayor and six City Council members. The Mayor and City Council members are all elected for staggered two-year terms. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for implementation of City Council policy and all day-to-day operations of the City.

Provide pre-hospital medical care for the ill and injured of west Wharton County. The Paramedic must be able to operate independently with an additional staff member of any certification level. Assess injuries, administer emergency medical care and extricate trapped individuals. Transport injured or sick persons to medical facilities.


  • High School Diploma (GED or High School Equivalence Certificate)
  • Certification:  State of Texas Licensed Paramedic or EMT-Paramedic 
  • Other Certifications Preferred: Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, CPR/First Aid, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

0 – 1 year minimum

Essential Functions:
Essential functions require presence in the workplace on a regular basis. In order to accomplish this, regular attendance MUST be maintained. This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The following examples do not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent. Incumbent is expected to perform other related duties, as assigned.

  • Administer first aid treatment or life support care to sick or injured persons in prehospital settings.
  • Operate equipment, such as electrocardiograms (EKGs), external defibrillators, or bag valve mask resuscitators, in advanced life support environments.
  • Assess nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures.
  • Maintain vehicles, medical and communication equipment and replenish first aid equipment and supplies.
  • Observe, record, and report to physician the patient's condition or injury, the treatment provided, and reactions to drugs or treatment.
  • Perform emergency diagnostic and treatment procedures, such as stomach suction, airway management, or heart monitoring, during ambulance ride.
  • Administer drugs, orally or by injection, or perform intravenous procedures.
  • Comfort and reassure patients.
  • Coordinate work with other emergency medical team members or police or fire department personnel.
  • Communicate with dispatchers or treatment center personnel to provide information about situation, to arrange reception of victims, or to receive instructions for further treatment.
  • Immobilize patient for placement on stretcher and ambulance transport, using backboard or other spinal immobilization device.
  • Decontaminate ambulance interior following treatment of patient with infectious disease and report case to proper authorities.
  • Drive mobile intensive care unit to specified location, following instructions from emergency medical dispatcher.
  • Coordinate with treatment center personnel to obtain patients' vital statistics and medical history, to determine the circumstances of the emergency, and to administer emergency treatment.
  • Attend training classes/continuing education to maintain certification licensure as required by state law; keep abreast of new developments in the field, or maintain existing knowledge.
  • Daily accountability of scheduled DEA medications.
  • Perform daily equipment and truck checks to ensure equipment is operable and the ambulance is stocked with all required and necessary supplies.
  • Inventory supplies in the supply room and on the ambulance.
  • Perform general maintenance of the ambulances and equipment, including washing/cleaning units to maintain a clean work environment.
  • Perform general station duties (cleaning).
  • Portray the City of El Campo and El Campo EMS in a positive manner at all times and all formats including social media.
  • Learn and abide by EMS protocols, standard operating procedures and the personnel handbook for the City of El Campo.
  • Be able to identify all medications used on the ambulance, prepare all medications for administration and comprehend medication dosages to serve as an assistant for the full-time staff member.
  • Complete patient care reports in accordance with department policy.
  • Understand federal laws protecting medical information and patient privacy rights.
  • Operate the ambulance in a safe manner in accordance with department and city policies.
  • Obtain blood sample for law enforcement in suspected DUI cases.
  • Precept EMS students.
  • Have ability to triage in multi-patient scenarios.
  • Coordinate services between police, fire, mutual aid and air medical transport.
  • Participate in community and school activities to help reduce overall morbidity and mortality rates through public education.
  • Receive and screen department phone calls for both Fire and EMS.
  • Assist with tours of the Fire/EMS department by school age children and other visitors.
  • Provide blood pressure screening and blood sugar analysis to walk-in citizens.
  • Assist supervisors as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Thorough knowledge of rescue techniques for the various EMS, fire and rescuer operation faced by the fire service.
  • Skill in performing basic and advanced life support procedures in accordance with medical protocols.
  • Ability to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions and prepare and maintain a clear and comprehensive shift log, incident reports and equipment control records.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other members, professional groups, public safety agencies and the general public.

(Note: The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.)

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