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Building Standards Commission

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The Building Standards Commission shall hear and decide appeals for interpretations and special exceptions to the terms of the technical code.

Meetings:Meetings will be held as set by individual Board, on an as needed basis.  Such will be held at City Hall in the Council Chambers commencing at the designated time.

Membership and Terms:This shall be a nine member board with staggered terms, five members being appointed in even number years and four members appointed in odd numbered years.  All are appointed by Council to serve two year terms..

The voluntary absence of a board or commission member from three consecutive meetings will result in automatic resignation of the member from the board or commission.

Building Standards
Year Appointed Term
 Nolan Chambless  2018  6/22-6/24
 Greg Polasek  2018  6/22-6/24
 Dennis Edwards  2018  6/22-6/24
 Robert Garcia  2018  6/22-6/24
 James L. Cannell  2018  6/22-6/24
 Quinton Armstrong  2018  6/23-6/25
 Gary Tupa  2018  6/23-6/25
 Roy Rodriguez  2018  6/23-6/25
 John Bieltz  2023   6/23-6/25

City Staff: Building Official