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Parks, Recreation and Community Services Board

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The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Board will advise the City Council on activities and policies concerning parks, recreation, the El Campo Civic Center and the City of El Campo Aquatic Center. 

Created by Ordinance No. 2018-15

Meetings:Regularly scheduled meetings are held quarterly (January, April, August and October) on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:15 PM. Such will be held at City Hall in the Council Chambers.

Membership and Terms:Each member shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years or until their successors are appointed.  The Board shall consist of seven (7) members, all appointed by Council.

Members Year Appointed Term
 Donnie Clapp - Chair  2018  6/22-6/25
 Lori Saucedo - Vice Chair  2020  6/23-6/26
 Lisa Raun  2018  6/21-6/24
 Amy Rosenbusch  2021  6/21-6/24
 Leigh Ann Neel  2021  6/22-6/25
 Joshua Reese  2022  6/23-6/26
 Adonna Braly  2023  6/21-6/24

City Staff : Public Works Director