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Charter Review Commission

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The Charter Review Commission shall inquire into the operation of the city government under the Charter provisions and determine whether any such provisions require revisions.  Report and present any proposed amendments, if any, to City Council.

Meetings:The Commission prepares amendments to be adopted in odd years (every two (2) years). Meetings are held as set by the Charter Review calendar.  Such will be held at City Hall in the Council Chambers commencing at the designated time.

Membership and Terms:Each City Council Member appoints a resident of the city to serve a 6-month term at the first Regular City Council meeting in July of each odd numbered year. 

Members Council Member Year Appointed
 Karen Middlebrook - Chairperson  Barbee  2019
 Dan Hammock   Bustamante  2021
 Darryl Socha  Barger  2021
 Moises Rodriguez - Vice Chairperson  Ward  2021
 Andy Musgrove  Coblentz  2023
 Linda Raun  Hodges  2023
 Ed Erwin  Hancock  2017

City Staff: City Manager, City Attorney, and City Secretary