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Housing Authority Board

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The Housing Authority Board helps guide the Housing Authority by setting policy and providing leadership and oversight that enables the Housing Authority to reach its goals and advance its mission of providing quality, affordable housing.

Meetings:Meetings are held as set by individual Boards.

Membership and Terms:Each member shall be appointed by the Mayor for a term of two (2) years or until their successors are appointed.  The Board shall consist of five (5) members.

Members Year Appointed Term
 Janie Delgado  1988  6/24-6/26
 Yvette Garcia  1999  6/24-6/26
 Charlotte Brown  2013  6/23-6/25
 Billie Jean Bram  2016  6/23-6/25
 Lorena Janik  2022  6/24-6/26

Liaison: El Campo Housing Authority Executive Director, Vicki Bonilla
City Staff: City Manager