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Keep El Campo Beautiful Board

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The Keep El Campo Beautiful Board promotes public interest in creating a cleaner, more beautiful El Campo through volunteerism and education....

Meetings:Regularly scheduled meetings are held bi-annually.  Such will be held at City Hall in the Council Chambers on the 3rd Thursday of April and October @ 4:00 p.m.

Membership and Terms:The term of office of the members of the said Board shall, subject to the provisions relative to their removal, be two years. Members of the Keep El Campo Beautiful Board shall serve without compensation. Members shall be appointed to staggered terms with three members appointed in even-numbered years and two members appointed in odd-numbered years. The term of each member shall continue until a new member is appointed or such current member is reappointed.

 Members  Year Appointed  Term
 Bobby Perez  2018  6/22-6/24
 Bill Smartt  2018  6/22-6/24
 Hubert Kaiser  2018  6/23-6/25
 Drew Tidmore  2020  6/22-6/24
 Raquel Torres  2023  6/23-6/25
*serves as Chair    

City Staff: Public Works Director