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Planning & Zoning

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The Planning and Zoning Commission is an governmental board charged with recommending to the City Council the boundaries of the various original zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein and any proposed amendments. 

The commission shall have the power to: 

  1. Make, amend, extend and add to the master plan for the physical development of the city.
  2. Approve or disapprove plats of proposed subdivisions. In considering such plats, the Planning Commission shall require that the proposed subdivisions shall meet, so far as is practicable, the City of El Campo's Design and Development Standards. Upon approving such plats, and before they are released for recording, the Planning Commission shall submit all copies of the approved plats to the City Council for approval.
  3. Draft and recommend to the City Council for adoption, rules and regulations governing platting and subdividing of land.
  4. Make, and recommend to the City Council for adoption, a zoning plan and recommend or disapprove proposed changes in such plan.
  5. Meet not less than once each six (6) months; meetings to be held at the City Hall unless prior notice of change of meeting place be given by publication in a newspaper in general circulation in the City of El Campo.
  6. Perform such other duties and be vested with such other powers as the City Council shall from time to time prescribe. The authority of this board was established in the City Charter, Section 8.03, Ordinance 2000-09, exh A (08-08-2000). 

Meetings:Meetings are scheduled the 3rd Wednesday of each month 5:00 p.m., at City Hall Council Chambers.

Membership and Terms:City Charter Sec. 8.03 states  members shall be appointed by City Council for a term of three (3) years or until their successors are appointed. The Board shall consist of seven (7) members whom are residents of the City, serve without compensation and shall not be employed or hold any other position in city government.
Membership on the planning commission shall be accompanied by active participation in the activities of the commission, and any member who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings of the commission without valid excuse, as determined by the commission, shall automatically be dismissed from membership. The commission shall at once notify the City Council that a vacancy in the planning commission exists. Vacancies occurring in the commission, for whatever reason, shall be filled within thirty (30) days by appointment by the City Council for the un expired term.

Members Year Appointed Term

 John VonDerAu - Chair 
 Jim Van Antwerp - Vice-Chair
 Paul John Herrmann
 Nathan Drapela
 Lance Lurker
 Nancy Porter
Gwen Willis



City Staff: Planning Director, Building Official