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Inspections & Planning

The Inspections & Planning Department's mission statement is "we are here to help." Creating something new can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with city, state and federal requirements. That is why the Inspections & Planning team is here. We will assist in navigating the processes associated with doing business, living in or developing land in the city while abiding  by objectives identified in the Comprehensive Plan and adhering to established International Building and Fire, and National Electrical Codes, and City Ordinances in order to maintain the quality of life standards established by Elected Officials and the Citizens of the City of El Campo.

A library of reference material and applications can be found by clicking the "Permits & Planning Document Center" link on the left panel of this page.

Commercial and Residential Development
Land Management (Platting, Zoning, Floodplain)
Building Permits & Inspections
Health Permits
Code Enforcement

Planning & Development For information on planning & development, visit our Permits & Planning Document Center, where you can find reference and guide documents for building standards, zoning & land use, platting, and City plans & studies. 

Building Permits & Inspections
 To fill out & print a hard copy of our residential or commercial permit applications for building, mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing,  for in-person submission in our Permits & Planning Document Center or submit your permit form online using our Permit Portal. Inspections may be requested by phone at 979-541-5020 or online using your existing permit number in the permit portal. 

Health Permits All retail food establishments are required to have a city health permit. Click here to download the Health Permit Application. Issued Health Permits are for the calendar year applications are submitted during and will expire at midnight on December 31st. Health Permit fees are not pro-rated. Random inspections are performed to ensure all requirements of the Texas Food Establishments Rules are being followed. 

Code Enforcement Report a code violation by phone at 979-541-5020 or click here to submit online. 

Pre-Development MeetingsAll new projects that involve more than one trade (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or building) must have a Pre-Development Meeting. The Inspections & Planning Department HIGHLY SUGGESTS that parties interested in development within the city limits schedule a pre-development meeting as part of due diligence in the purchase of property or the planning of any project. The meeting may involve members of the Public Works, Administration and/or Planning Department and others based on the project scope. Contact the City Planner to schedule a pre-development meeting today!

Inspections and Planning
315 E. Jackson 
El Campo, TX 77437
979-543-0027 fax
7:30 - 5:30 Monday - Thursday
8:00 - 5:00 Friday

Krystal Hasselmeier
Planning Director

Keith Rod
Building official 

Kris Escobar
Deputy Building Official, Inspector

Marc Hernandez
Code Enforcement, Inspector

Troy Coffman
Fire Inspector

Monica Reyna
Permit Clerk