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Reserve a City Park

While City parks are free for the public to enjoy, any of the parks can be reserved for private use for a fee.  The Park reservation fee schedule is as included in the City of El Campo Code of Ordinances - Appendix A Fee Schedule: City of El Campo, TX PARKS AND COMMUNITY FACILITIES: § A9.001 Park fees. ( 

While the Park Reservation Form below can be used to complete most reservation requests, there are a few exceptions in which the below additional forms should be completed in-full and attached to the form submission or e-mailed to
 - Softball Tournament Application (Please also refer to the Softball Tournament Regulations & Procedures)
 - Softball League Application
 - Soccer League Application
 - Special Event Application 
 - Special Use Permit Application (Alcohol in Public Parks)

Prior to submitting a City Park Reservation Form, the Park Rules & Regulations must be read in-full. 

Please note that submitting a request for a Park Rental or Reservation does not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request. We will honor requests in the order that they are received and paid-in-full. 

For City Park reservation inquiries or to request additional booking information, please contact or call 979-541-5000, Option 1.

City Park Reservation Form