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Spring 2024 KidFish Event

We're REELING in gratitude! 

A huge THANK YOU to all our incredible sponsors and generous donors who made the Spring 2024 KidFish Event possible! Your support and contributions have truly made a splash in our community, creating unforgettable memories for our young anglers. 

From providing fishing gear and door prizes to offering financial support and volunteering your time, each of you has played a vital role in making this event a success. Together, we've not only fostered a love for fishing but also built connections and cherished moments that will last a lifetime.

To all our sponsors and donors, we extend our deepest appreciation for your kindness, generosity, and commitment to our community. Your dedication has helped us create an event that celebrates the joy of fishing and brings smiles to countless faces.

245 kids came out to fish and catch memories on that beautiful, sunny morning!
Big CONGRATULATIONS to our winners:
1st Biggest Fish: Jayden Yarzabal, 32.25 lbs
2nd Biggest Fish: Eli Falcon, 30.01 lbs
3rd Biggest Fish: Jason Cruz 28.16 lbs
Youngest Fisher: Kooper Vasquez 2 years old

In addition to the 3 "Biggest Fish" prizes, and youngest fisher prize, 61 door prizes that were so generously contributed by our sponsors & donors were given out.

Here's to the spirit of giving and the joy of fishing! Let's continue to make waves together and inspire even more adventures in the great outdoors. ��

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Boy Scouts of America Damien Bustamante, Elijah Bustamante, Luke Merta


ECPD Volunteers

Frito Lay

Game Wardens

Schmidt Family Coastal Catfish


State Farm


YK Communications

Drone Pilot

KidFish Volunteers

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